Martel has a lot of awesome traditions and events that happen year round (check out the Prime Minister’s calendar for the details). These events would be impossible without the Committees. The Committee Heads plan and implement events, resources and programming for all of Martel to enjoy. 

2015 Martel Committee Heads

Academics- TBA

Alumni- TBA

Associates- TBA

Culturals- Anna Kim, Jaskeerat Gulati, Lydia Dick

Environmental- Brittany Cavazos and Sophia Erhard

Food, Kitchen, and Laundry Reps- TBA

Historian- Toni Smith, Kaysie Tam, Mayu Tobin-Miyaji

Improvements- TBA

Library- TBA

Senior- TBA

Service- TBA

Spirit- Laura Bierwirth, Vy Nguyen, Toni Smith, Ashkan Rohani

Sports- TBA

Socials- Dylan Dickens, Josh Masimore, Christina Petlowany, Katie Powers

Tech- TBA

Theatre- TBA

Traditions- TBA