Ted Temzelides & Beata Loch

 Greetings! Welcome to the best college ever!

Here are a few words about how we see the role of the college in your life, our role as Masters of the college, and a quick snapshot of who we are.

The college system provides a unique opportunity for students to experience the university in ways that go well beyond the classroom. Its main strength is that it makes students part of an extended family, a family that includes not only the current students, RAs, College Coordinator, and Masters, but also all the previous generations, as well as all the future ones. College Masters help the students administer the College and serve as representatives of the College to the University at large. In addition, Masters host several social events, share many of their meals with you, celebrate your many successes, and also provide a shoulder to cry on when you are down. We became Masters because we believe we can enhance the experience of the Martel students. We are caring and, at the same time, bring with us a wealth of experience that we believe equip us with a unique perspective that we can share in order to assist you in any way we can.

We’re an international family. Ted is originally from Greece and is currently a Professor of Economics at Rice. Beata is from Hungary. She grew up around college students and she has worked with students as an ESL instructor as well as in international programs. We have two children, Yvette (18) and Pierre (11), and a five-year old miniature schnauzer named… Bassington (ok, you can call him big B). Yvette was born in Minneapolis, MN during our last year in grad school. She loves to travel and to fight with her younger brother. Pierre was born in Iowa City, IA. He is not crazy about dogs, and he would be playing video/computer games all day if we let him. His second favorite activity is to fight with his sister. Bassington is the real star of the family as he is a dog-show winner (his professional name is Mission Apollo, seriously!). Beata refers to him as a “mimbo.”

We love meeting and getting to know interesting people and taking a long walk with the dog every evening. Not only do we love cheering for the Rice tennis teams when they play at home, we also enjoy playing tennis (alas, at a slightly different level…). We love movies (especially foreign or classic), comedies (especially British), theater (any kind), and fashion. We enjoy visiting the zoo and the museum district regularly. Ted is crazy about Formula 1 (a mainly European car race series) and stays up alone all night to watch the races live on TV (he would love to have some company, but has not succeeded yet). He also likes to occasionally take his most precious possession, a classic sports car, to the racing track, a practice that scares Beata to death!

So welcome again to Martel! We are looking forward to getting to know you and to make use of your full potential to keep our College the great place it is.