President Fortino

Hello, and welcome to the Best College Ever!

My name is Fortino Garcia, I’m a senior double majoring in CAAM and Math from Plano, TX, and I am the president of Martel College.

Why is it I got elected president? Is it because of my good looks? My skills with balancing endless amounts of emails? Formulating numerous rhetorical questions? All of these and more are why I truly love being Martel’s president.

From presiding over our bimonthly meetings of Parliament (our college government) to meeting with the other presidents and Dean Hutch every week to discuss important campus-wide issues, my goal is to give voice to all Martelians. Fortunately for you, I, and the rest of our stellar college government, are here to keep the college in the loop with what’s happening and to represent you in every major decision – whether at Martel or at the university level.

That being said, my goal for this year is to improve on already existing Martel spaces and to foster greater college/university spirit and participation. Whether that’s

  • being a member of a committee at Martel
  • joining a club on campus
  • being an IM superstar
  • demanding an ice sculpture of Sandra Bullock
  • or whatever it is that you are passionate about, know that your college community is here to support you! Feel free to bring your ideas to Parliament – which always have a theme and prizes – and we’ll discuss them.

    Don’t believe me? Check out our “What If Martel..” page (which can be found through Facebook) and drop a suggestion if you have one! In general, never hesitate to bring any ideas, suggestions, or concerns to me! Feel free to email (, find me in person (I live in 411), Facebook message, tweet (you should follow me: @MartelPrez), leave notes in my mailbox, text, call, or any other method of communication you feel comfortable with.

    If you are a new student, welcome to the Martel family! We are happy to have you with us and be sure to check out the O-week page above for more info.

    Let’s make this year great!


    El Presidente

    Fortino Garcia, Martel ’15