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Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs) are students trained by the Office of Academic Advising — the brainchild of our very own ex-RA and current Associate, Brian Gibson — in the intricacies of Rice academics. Their knowledge of the Rice academic system, particularly of degree requirements, goes beyond that of the average student: they keep up on changes made to graduation requirements, help prepare incoming students during O-Week, and generally serve as stellar resources. If you’ve got a question about something in the General Announcements (or need to know what the General Announcements are!), these are the people you should talk to.

O-Week PAAs: Courtney Hesse, Chris Johnson, Audrey Smith, Sanjana Puri

Name Major E-mail Year
Head PAAs
Parth Agrawal Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering/ Biochemistry minor ppa1@rice.edu 2015
Courtney Hesse Mechanical Engineering, business minor ceh5@rice.edu 2016
Colette Kendrick Psychology, neuroscience minor chk3@rice.edu 2015
Humanities PAAs
Matthew Holloway Study of Women Gender and Sexuality, Psychology mth1@rice.edu 2015
Chris Johnson Linguistics cjj1@rice.edu 2016
Shannon McKearnan Hispanic Studies/ Statistics sbm6@rice.edu 2016
Catherine Miller German Studies, History cpm5@rice.edu 2017
Social Science PAAs
Eileen Huang Mathematical Economic Analysis, Biochemistry Minor exh1@rice.edu 2017
Beatriz Mesta Economics, Managerial Studies, Business minor bem4@rice.edu 2017
Casondra Peretore Psychology, Sports Medicine cap5@rice.edu 2016
Sanjana Puri Health Sciences sp20@rice.edu 2016
Cristina Saez Health Sciences cms15@rice.edu 2015
Sahar Sawani Economics, Biochemistry minor sns5@rice.edu 2016
Ruinn Qhodes Musi, Neuroscience minor qr1@rice.edu 2016
Science PAAs
Jaskeerat Gulati Natural Sciences, Business minor jsg3@rice.edu 2017
Audrey Smith Biological Sciences ams9@rice.edu 2016
Shireen Usman Biological Sciences, Anthropology Minor sju1@rice.edu 2015
Engineering PAAs
Alina Dattagupta Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering ad29@rice.edu 2016
Maggie Jerome Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering mgj1@rice.edu 2016
Emily Meigs Computer Science, Computational & Applied Mathematics eam10@rice.edu 2016
Nicole Moes Mechanical Engineering ncm2@rice.edu 2017
Christina Petlowany Mechanical Engineering cep8@rice.edu 2016