Peer Academic Advisors (PAAs) are students trained by the Office of Academic Advising — the brainchild of our very own ex-RA and current Associate, Brian Gibson — in the intricacies of Rice academics. Their knowledge of the Rice academic system, particularly of degree requirements, goes beyond that of the average student: they keep up on changes made to graduation requirements, help prepare incoming students during O-Week, and generally serve as stellar resources. If you’ve got a question about something in the General Announcements (or need to know what the General Announcements are!), these are the people you should talk to.

O-Week PAAs: Courtney Hesse, Chris Johnson, Audrey Smith, Sanjana Puri

Name Major E-mail Year
Head PAAs
Parth Agrawal Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering/ Biochemistry minor 2015
Courtney Hesse Mechanical Engineering, business minor 2016
Colette Kendrick Psychology, neuroscience minor 2015
Humanities PAAs
Matthew Holloway Study of Women Gender and Sexuality, Psychology 2015
Chris Johnson Linguistics 2016
Shannon McKearnan Hispanic Studies/ Statistics 2016
Catherine Miller German Studies, History 2017
Social Science PAAs
Eileen Huang Mathematical Economic Analysis, Biochemistry Minor 2017
Beatriz Mesta Economics, Managerial Studies, Business minor 2017
Casondra Peretore Psychology, Sports Medicine 2016
Sanjana Puri Health Sciences 2016
Cristina Saez Health Sciences 2015
Sahar Sawani Economics, Biochemistry minor 2016
Ruinn Qhodes Musi, Neuroscience minor 2016
Science PAAs
Jaskeerat Gulati Natural Sciences, Business minor 2017
Audrey Smith Biological Sciences 2016
Shireen Usman Biological Sciences, Anthropology Minor 2015
Engineering PAAs
Alina Dattagupta Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 2016
Maggie Jerome Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 2016
Emily Meigs Computer Science, Computational & Applied Mathematics 2016
Nicole Moes Mechanical Engineering 2017
Christina Petlowany Mechanical Engineering 2016